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Functional Strength Training

Training centered around functions that are foundational to humans. Standing, walking, running, and throwing. These are actions that are pivotal in human history and have shaped the way we exist. Modern society and culture is degrading human health, it ignores these functions and promotes poor posture, bio mechanics, and movement habits. In order to restore these functions, your body needs to understand how to maintain itself against gravity to fight these negative effects that get worse as you age.

This style of training focuses on decompressing the joints of your body and restoring myofascial and neurological connections to help you move and live better. Once the foundations are set, you can accomplish all of your weight loss, and fitness goals without the associated risk of injury, burnout, and constant exhaustion. This is accomplished through mindful and specific efforts, exercises lifestyle changes, and mindsets catered around your exact problems and goals. Your body functions as one unit, there is no separation to your health. It’s time to start exercising specifically and intentionally instead of habitually.

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